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Central Basin MWD Phone Directory 
Name Title Office Phone E-Mail Address
Hunt, Kevin P. General Manager 323-201-5548
District Administration      
Aguilar, Maggie Director of Administration & Board Services 323-201-5527
Pulido, Cecilia Deputy Board Secretary/Executive Assistant 323-201-5535
Asiddao, Helen Records Management Assistant 323-201-5521
Hamilton, Andrew Finance Director 323-201-5514
Lambey, Dorrett Accounting Manager 323-201-5507
Williams, Peggy Sr. Accountant 323-201-5513
Kumar, Sharon Contracts & Procurement Analyst 323-201-5502
Nguyen, Angel Accounting Associate 323-201-5524 
Human Resources      
Hidalgo, Dina Director of Human Resources 323-201-5536
Alvarez, Chris Human Resources Analyst 323-201-5506
External Affairs      
Legaspi, Joseph Director of External Affairs 323-201-5542
Moss, Mark Educations & Grants Manager 323-201-5519
Coleman, Kelsey Public Affairs Specialist 323-201-5512
Engineering & Operations      
Koontz, Jacque Engineering & Operations Manager 323-201-5528
Gonzalez, Roman C.  Assistant Engineer 323-201-5541
Jones, Donald Recycled Water Development Specialist 323-201-5545
Hernandez, Alberto Engineering & Operations Intern 323-201-5508
Water Resources      
Hierlihy, Tammy Water Resources Manager 323-201-5510
Linares-Plimpton, Sandi Conservation Manager 323-201-5511
Wattier, Kevin Sr. Water Resources Specialist
Information Technology      
Plimpton, Albert Director of Technology 323-201-5575
Beas, Ruben Public Safety Officer 323-201-5500  
Central Basin MWD Main Number  323-201-5500
Central Basin MWD Main Fax  323-201-5550
District Administration (Board of Directors & General Manager Fax) 323-201-5555
Finance Fax 323-201-5554
Human Resources Fax 323-201-5558