Conservation Connection

Water & Energy in Southern California (Grades 6-8)

The Water Cycle

We turn the tap and water flows out. We turn on a lamp and light fills the room. We depend on water and energy. We need the water and energy to live in Southern California and elsewhere in the world too. But where do we get the water and energy that we use? Will we always have enough to meet our needs?

Conservation Connection answers those questions, showing the connections between California, our water and energy supply, and us. But providing information is only part of Conservation Connection. The goal of the curriculum is to get students actively involved – in their homes and at school – in conserving water and energy. Within the program, students have the opportunity to survey their family’s water and energy use and survey water and energy use at their school.

After gathering data, analyzing their findings and reviewing recommendations, students make, implement, and monitor plans to decrease water and energy use. By participating in this action-based curriculum, students will learn to look critically at important environmental issues and take responsibility for finding solutions.

For more information on Conservation Connection or Central Basin’s other education programs, please contact the District’s Education Manager, Mark Moss,
at (323) 201-5519.