Think Earth! It’s Magic

Grades K-5

What does a magician have to do with water conservation? On the surface, it wouldn’t seem like much, but Think Earth! It’s Magic, a collaborative program between the District, the Think Earth Environmental Education Foundation, and California State University’s Environmental Education Department, uses an award-winning curriculum and magic shows to teach elementary school students about their environment.

As the magician makes water disappear,
he teaches the importance of water conservation. As he makes a rabbit disappear,he explains the effects of toxic waste on the environment. The magician’s show follows the curriculum of the Think Earth Environmental Education Foundation and correlates to the California State Content Standards in the areas of Language Arts, Science, Social Science, and Mathematics. The Think Earth Environmental Education Foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to developing and maintaining a sustainable environment through education.

Each year, elementary schools throughout the District’s service area enhance their Think Earth curriculum with this exciting magic show. It is an opportunity to reinforce the classroom lessons and remind students about the importance of implementing environmentally sound practices around their homes and schools.


For more information on Think Earth! It’s Magic or Central Basin’s other education programs, please contact the District’s Education Manager, Mark Moss, at (323) 201-5519