Think Water! It’s Magic

After School Program

Think Water! It’s Magic is a FREE environmental education program for students in extended daycare/after school programs. This innovative program features an energetic Think Water! It’s Magic assembly by eco-magician Paul Cash that your students will remember for many years.

The Think Water! It’s Magic shows are approximately 45-minutes in duration. While performing magic tricks and illusions, eco-magician Paul Cash will engage your students in a fun way and teach them about limited water availability on Earth, the water cycle, water quality, and water recycling. Most importantly, Mr. Cash will also teach your students about the amount of water used during everyday tasks and how they can conserve water by just making some simple behavioral changes.

This exciting environmental education assembly program is offered FREE to all elementary schools (K-5) in the Central Basin service area that have an extended daycare/after school program. For more information or to schedule a Think Water! It’s Magic assembly, please call (323) 201-5519.


For more information on Think Water! It’s Magic or Central Basin’s other education programs, please contact the District’s Education Manager, Mark Moss, at (323) 201-5519.