Water Conservation

California has seen changes in water availability, from cyclical droughts to a looming water supply. Consequently, conservation should be a vital everyday practice, even when water is abundant. Water conservation may lower your bill and more importantly, secure our precious resource for the future.

For over 60 years, Central Basin has been working to secure your future. We launched a regional awareness campaign, updated our rebate programs, and heightened our pursuit of funding to support our cities with innovative, local conservation efforts.

Please visit the various links in our conservation section for helpful water-saving tips and for more information on the many conservation programs available to help you conserve water and energy at your home or business.

Drought Response

In response to the drought, Central Basin launched a regional awareness campaign, In A Drought, Shut Your Tap!  Through this campaign, cities and water providers have access to customizable collaterals. Browse through our page to find out more.


Central Basin offers rebates for water efficient devices for both residential and commercial users. Click this page to find out which rebates you can take advantage of.

Community Programs

Central Basin actively seeks grant funding to bring conservation resources to the region. By visiting this page, you’ll find more information on the current programs available and previous programs the District has completed.  

Drought Tolerant Landscape

In a household, most water is consumed outdoors. To encourage community members to conserve water outdoors, Central Basin created five water friendly demonstration gardens throughout the service area. Visit this section to view the gardens and obtain information on water-efficient gardening classes.

Water Saving Tips

Make your home drought-proof! In this section of our website, you’ll find helpful information on tips you can implement to save water indoors and outdoors.