Community Programs

Conserving water is necessary to ensure our future water supply. Within the last several years, our region has faced some of the driest years on records, such that the State has called for mandatory conservation targets. To assist our communities during and beyond the drought, Central Basin continuously develops conservation programs that will reduce water use while increase awareness on water-efficiency.  

Active Programs

Southeast Water Efficiency Program

This project aims at reducing potable water use by conducting water use audits for 57 public facilities that are located within the Central Basin 24-city service area. The results of the audit will help determine the appropriate indoor and outdoor retrofits.  Central Basin will give priority to public facilities located within Disadvantaged Communities. It is estimated that this project will provide 176 acre feet annually of local water supply and will improve water quality.  This project will be funded by Proposition 84.  

Archived Programs

Over the years, Central Basin has executed several programs in the region. Visit this page to view some of our past programs.